Vibe Shoutout and Upcoming Boomrat Summer Launch

Hey Pizzy here.

Whatsup y’all, the Boomrat launch has been pushed back for the start of summer to ensure quality control. Just in time for summer festival season. Lightning in a Bottle, Electric Daisy Carnival, Electric Zoo, Hard Summer and etc and etc. In Vibe’s latest online article, Boomrat was rated #1 on upcoming game changing EDM apps.

Check it out here:

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Coachella Recap


Last weekend, an impulse buy allowed me to attend my first 3 day festival, Coachella Weekend 2 in Indio,CA. I camped out under the hot Indio sun and had a complete blast while doing it! Camping on the ground allowed interacting and partying with the thousands of other young people living on either side of you. I was floored by the amazing acts such as the hip hop legends Jurassic 5, Major Lazer, the Skrillex/Boyz Noize electro baby known as Dog Blood, the ever so turnt up 2 Chainz and closing my Sunday with a combo of Pretty lights and Red Hot Chili Peppers. This weekend was my favorite concert experience to date and I’m really grateful for the variety of music I was able to see and hear, and all the great people I was able to encounter and talk to.

Looking forward to next year fasho!

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We Came. We Raved. We Loved

IMG_20130308_194056 (1)


Got hooked up with not ONE, but TWO tix from Boomrat to see Swedish House Mafia’s last show this past Friday at the LA historic park. I went with two friends and had a pretty good time, despite the afternoon rain which caused a mud-topia of the venue.

Stars of the Night: NERO. HOME-RUN SLAM! UNREAL. This group delivered a variety of sounds that met all my expectations of a complete show. From classic daft punk electro, trap anthems, as well as various hip hop and rock genre remixes. My hat is off to you Nero. 2nd Time I’ve seen you, and you’ve not failed to deliver. Bravo.

Last but not least, we have the stars of the night Swedish House Mafia. If we want my complete opinion here, I feel that their set was alright but I had expected more. It started off with an amazing Greyhound intro, which then progressed back and forth from the occasional Bingo players Rattle to original Swedish produced tracks (Antidote, One, Don’t you Worry Child). Great sing-a-long tracks, don’t get me wrong, I just had higher expectations after waiting such a long time to see this legendary trio. DROP A REMIX OR TWO, COMEON! I feel that the damp weather along with the fact that the group had another show the next night had a factor in how the set was implemented.

Anyways, all is well that ends well. The best thing was that it was free 😀 Hooray for working in the EDM World! Ain’t no body got cash for that!

Keep Smiling, Stay true to yourself and the opportunities will present themselves.

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Swedish House Mafia’s Final Tour Comes Thru LA


The title of this post leaves no mystery. DJ superstars Swedish House Mafia is coming LOS ANGELES…

Coincidentally over this past week I’ve been uploading the discography for Swedish House’s two hit albums: Until One and Until Now. Hit bangers such as Antidote ft. Knife Party, their absolute advertisement in Greyhound, and crowd anthems such as Save The World has catapulted this group into EDM Royalty. The group announced a farewell tour in which they plan to disband after this year’s ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL 2013.

Before the group’s final destination at the sunny beaches of Miami, they are running the west coast a visit with their star-studded Friday & Saturday night performances @ The LA Historic Park (03/09): Joining SHM are top-tier artists: NERO, Alesso, Clockwork, Max Vangeli & AN21, Sub-Focus and even OWSLA’s new poster boy Zedd.

^ ARE YOU FRIGGGIN’ SERIOUS??! So much flame I might burn myself!

Unfortunately BOOMRAT isn’t providing free tix to this one 😦 , and it is taking everything in me to not carelessly empty my bank account for this show.


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Boomrat Beta Release for ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL

ultra-music-festival (1)

What it do fellow Bass/Trance/House/Dub/Trap/Glitch-stepian-mobahcored heads! Sorry for the lapse in time, been keeping busy with midterm season at my school. So far so good though, school always comes first 😉


Anywho! On a industry perspective, the beginning of March signals one thing and one thing only: SPRING FESTIVAL SEASON. What this means is that there will be large-scale music events housing multitudes of half dressed young people in neon clothing, black shades and beat up vans dancing from mid dusk until the early morning light. Kicking off the season is none other than a festival located in my home state of Florida: ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL (or better known to the locals as UMF). Hundreds of thousands of EDM enthusiasts and first-time goers will flock to the Bayfront Park of Miami, Florida to see some of the best DJ acts in the world perform for 2 consecutive weekends.

If you don’t know what Ultra is, the link below is either gonna make you really shocked/surprised/jealous:

Also here’s a list of artists performing at this years Ultra:

To catch fans while the atmosphere is hot, BOOMRAT is planning to release its’ beta version of the website by the commencement of UMF. Fans, attendees, and on-lookers can use it as a resource to all events available in the Sunshine State during Ultra Music Week.

NOTE: I was offered a free press pass to see Flosstradamus & Congo Rock at Club Nokia in LA this past week. Unfortunately prior plans didn’t let me attend, but HEY at least I got the hookup! (I’m a huge trap fan, so missing this show killed me on inside….)

Here’s a real dope track:

Pizzy. Out

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Introductions and Tutorials


My first week at Boomrat consisted of getting to know my fellow interns and supervisors. After being given an information systems tutorial of the back end of Boomrat’s website; I’ve been performing a variety of these tasks:

  • Creating individual artist cards (For all major EDM artists)
  • Editing EDM events that are streamed from major sites such as TicketMaster, Insomniac Events and Flavorous.
  • Adding & editing songs that are streamed from popular dance and music blogs such as This Song Is Sick, BEAT MY DAY, Dancing Astronaut and Less Than 3 .

The work environment of this startup involves a combination of house music, song inputs, and witty banter; so I’ve been enjoying this social pace of speed in comparison to my former corporate internships. Being able to work on content for premium DJs such as Diplo, Porter Robinson, Gramatik and Eric Prydz has enlarge my Google Music page with some new goodies….What I’m looking forward to most is getting press passes to future EDM events (provided BY BOOMRAT). Crossing my fingers that Coachella 2013 may be on that list…. 😛

Party + Work, Such a sweet combination.

Here’s a jam for the day:

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The Opportunity


So how do I begin this story? My name is Pierre Bichard Souffrant and I’m a senior attending school at Chapman University in Orange County, California. I’m graduating in winter 2013 with a B.S in Business Marketing and currently figuring out possible career paths I can tread once academia life is through. I tend to spend my free time/money on music festivals and concerts in the genres of Hip Hop and EDM (Electronic Dance Music).

February of 2013 I have landed a marketing internship with this innovative music entertainment company located in Los Angeles called BOOMRAT. Our group is planning to launch a revolutionary EDM (Electronic Dance Music) website. This new platform is aimed at providing for the essential needs of concert/music festival devotees: Artist news,  trending and popular music and an interactive event calender.

No public release as of yet, but if your interested in signing up for the initial launch, click the link below!

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