Introductions and Tutorials


My first week at Boomrat consisted of getting to know my fellow interns and supervisors. After being given an information systems tutorial of the back end of Boomrat’s website; I’ve been performing a variety of these tasks:

  • Creating individual artist cards (For all major EDM artists)
  • Editing EDM events that are streamed from major sites such as TicketMaster, Insomniac Events and Flavorous.
  • Adding & editing songs that are streamed from popular dance and music blogs such as This Song Is Sick, BEAT MY DAY, Dancing Astronaut and Less Than 3 .

The work environment of this startup involves a combination of house music, song inputs, and witty banter; so I’ve been enjoying this social pace of speed in comparison to my former corporate internships. Being able to work on content for premium DJs such as Diplo, Porter Robinson, Gramatik and Eric Prydz has enlarge my Google Music page with some new goodies….What I’m looking forward to most is getting press passes to future EDM events (provided BY BOOMRAT). Crossing my fingers that Coachella 2013 may be on that list…. 😛

Party + Work, Such a sweet combination.

Here’s a jam for the day:

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