Boomrat Beta Release for ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL

ultra-music-festival (1)

What it do fellow Bass/Trance/House/Dub/Trap/Glitch-stepian-mobahcored heads! Sorry for the lapse in time, been keeping busy with midterm season at my school. So far so good though, school always comes first 😉


Anywho! On a industry perspective, the beginning of March signals one thing and one thing only: SPRING FESTIVAL SEASON. What this means is that there will be large-scale music events housing multitudes of half dressed young people in neon clothing, black shades and beat up vans dancing from mid dusk until the early morning light. Kicking off the season is none other than a festival located in my home state of Florida: ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL (or better known to the locals as UMF). Hundreds of thousands of EDM enthusiasts and first-time goers will flock to the Bayfront Park of Miami, Florida to see some of the best DJ acts in the world perform for 2 consecutive weekends.

If you don’t know what Ultra is, the link below is either gonna make you really shocked/surprised/jealous:

Also here’s a list of artists performing at this years Ultra:

To catch fans while the atmosphere is hot, BOOMRAT is planning to release its’ beta version of the website by the commencement of UMF. Fans, attendees, and on-lookers can use it as a resource to all events available in the Sunshine State during Ultra Music Week.

NOTE: I was offered a free press pass to see Flosstradamus & Congo Rock at Club Nokia in LA this past week. Unfortunately prior plans didn’t let me attend, but HEY at least I got the hookup! (I’m a huge trap fan, so missing this show killed me on inside….)

Here’s a real dope track:

Pizzy. Out

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