We Came. We Raved. We Loved

IMG_20130308_194056 (1)


Got hooked up with not ONE, but TWO tix from Boomrat to see Swedish House Mafia’s last show this past Friday at the LA historic park. I went with two friends and had a pretty good time, despite the afternoon rain which caused a mud-topia of the venue.

Stars of the Night: NERO. HOME-RUN SLAM! UNREAL. This group delivered a variety of sounds that met all my expectations of a complete show. From classic daft punk electro, trap anthems, as well as various hip hop and rock genre remixes. My hat is off to you Nero. 2nd Time I’ve seen you, and you’ve not failed to deliver. Bravo.

Last but not least, we have the stars of the night Swedish House Mafia. If we want my complete opinion here, I feel that their set was alright but I had expected more. It started off with an amazing Greyhound intro, which then progressed back and forth from the occasional Bingo players Rattle to original Swedish produced tracks (Antidote, One, Don’t you Worry Child). Great sing-a-long tracks, don’t get me wrong, I just had higher expectations after waiting such a long time to see this legendary trio. DROP A REMIX OR TWO, COMEON! I feel that the damp weather along with the fact that the group had another show the next night had a factor in how the set was implemented.

Anyways, all is well that ends well. The best thing was that it was free 😀 Hooray for working in the EDM World! Ain’t no body got cash for that!

Keep Smiling, Stay true to yourself and the opportunities will present themselves.

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